When guests are alone plan some movie for them

Not always you would have planned and invited guests. Some sudden guests would be at home because they would have come to complete some of their tasks and want to find some shelter in the city in which they are not living in but have fortunately thought of you for making their stay comfortable. While this sounds perfect as you have nothing much to do for them except for sharing the same meal that you cooked for them but still you would feel guilty to attend the duties. But, unfortunately since it is not a planned leave you could not escape from work.

What is the best way that you could engage them in your absence? Of course, you could request your neighbors to look after them. You may ask your family members staying at home to engage them. But they may not continuously spend time with them as they would be busy doing their planned tasks for the day. So, one good option is to show them how to watch the movie25 where they could find numerous movies each of which would be new and interesting too.

By watching one or two movies the day would be done and hence they would get busy with their other activities. The other way around, after having done with their tasks they would hardly get time that would suffice for watch one or two movies thus letting you complete your very important discussions at office. Once you are back you could also join them to watch the movie and have dinner with them. You could probably order food from outside so that you get time to spend time with them than spending all the time in kitchen for cooking delicious dishes that they like.