No more calculations, let API do everything for you

When you are working on a small scale it is quite obvious that you have to handle many things and it is also possible that you lack the technical expertise which may make you feel little worried of how you could progress with your business operations. For the website development you may rely on the templates that are available online and thus quickly develop the website. There are also many other automated software programs that are available online to make life easy. You could feed in the data and the charts would automatically pop up with the macros that are made available in excel. However, you could not open the excel and run the macros on your devices, hence you should find an easy way to have the screen shots rendered on your device so that you could depict the same to the clients with whom you are likely to start a new venture.

When the numbers could be injected in a smart way and the result could be rendered automatically on the screens of various devices with the use of the CloudBrowser automation APIs, then life becomes quite simple and easy. Well, though you may have couple of your friends who are for now monitoring the business, it is possible that the incomplete configuration done by you while using the APIs have caused the problem of enabling the content for everyone. To fix this problem you could try the IP address whitelisting. Once this is enabled with the proper inputs provided to APIs, there is no necessity for you to learn about the network type, how to configure the IPs, how to handle the CIRD notation. You do not have to struggle how the IPv4 and IPv6 would work. You would be set free from all technical aspects that would make you feel tensed and stressed. So, start using the APIs and be free from tension.